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research assistants & interns


Seth Cunningham
Research Assistant, 2015-2016
MS (2015) Fordham, Biol Sci
BS (2010) Tulane Univ

Seth is interested in conservation genetics. He recently graduated from Fordham's MS program and studied the population genetics and phylogeography of Nile crocodiles in Evon Hekkala's lab. He was our lab manager at Fordham. 


Hekkala et al. (2015) Integrating molecular, phenotypic and environmental data to elucidate patterns of crocodile hybridization in Belize. Royal Society Open Science 2:150409.

Cunningham et al. (2016) Fine scale patterns of genetic partitioning in the rediscovered African crocodile, Crocodylus suchus (Saint-Hilaire 1807). PeerJ 4:e1901.

Rachel Engstrand
Research Assistant, 2014-2015
MS (2013) Erasmus MundusEvolutionary Biology
BA (2011) NYU, Molecular Biology

Rachel trained in population genetics at AMNH as an undergrad and then in community ecology and phylogenetics as a Master student at Montpellier, Groningen, and Harvard. In the lab she supervised operations and trained incoming interns. She is now studying the human impact on the Amazon's ecosystem function as a PhD student at Stanford.

Clarkson et al. (2016) Phylogenetic relationships in Trichilia (Meliaceae) based on ribosomal ITS sequences. Phytotaxa 259(1): 6-17.

Pineda-Catalan et al. (2014) Revision of hemoproteid genera and description and redescription of two species of chelonian hemoproteid parasites. Journal of Parasitology 99(6):1089-1098.

Engstrand RC, Cibrián-Tovar J, Cibrián-Jaramillo A, Kolokotronis SO (2010) Genetic variation in avocado stem weevils Copturus aguacatae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Mexico. Mitochondrial DNA 21(S1):38-43.

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